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DSP4YOU is a Hong Kong based company founded by a mixed group of Business and Engineering minds. Following our team's consulting involvement in high-profile A/V installations through out the world, DSP4YOU designs products for the market we know best: Pro Audio Visual (A/V) & Control Industry. With a focus on innovative Media & Control solutions leveraging I.T. networks, our modular product architecture allows customization based on your needs: a fresh approach to typical challenges of the system integration.

Our products are designed for people and institutions (government/corporations) who want to be in control of their environment. With the ever growing need of cost control, streamlining of management and the global push for energy efficiency, system integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) remains the core focus of our design philosophy. Our products combined with our core competency in A/V & I.T system engineering are the main drivers behind innovating future series of products tailored to the needs of the targeted market gap.

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