Design Services

From the system's requirements, to design and implementation, DSP4YOU can partner with you to develop breakthrough A/V products on time and budget. Save cost and headaches by leveraging our engineering experience and extensive manufacturing network in the South of China region. Our design services capabilities include:

  • Reference designs: AVB module, DSP module, all digital amplifier, Low power Linux board, Firewire & USB audio modules
  • Custom Hardware development: Ethernet powered product, low noise audio circuity, all digital amplifier modules, DSP boards
  • Embedded systems: Analog Device Sharc, SigmaDSP, Embedded Linux, microcontroller, XMOS programming
  • Mechanical design: 2D/3D modeling and prototyping for small to medium quantities
  • Complete turnkey product from design to manufacturing


For more information and a comprehensive quote, please contact our sales team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.