miniDSP Series

miniDSP is DSP4YOU's revolutionary step in the Digital Signal Processing market. Combining a flexible hardware platform along with a wide range of plug-ins, miniDSP series fits the bill for custom/OEM configurations. A small overview of the current product portfolio is displayed below. For more info, please consult the miniDSP website.

MiniDSP Plug&Play DSP processor

Designed for those of us who just want a plug&play processor, the miniDSP platforms are easy to use processor for a wide range of applications. With our revolutionary "one platform, many configuration" concept, miniDSP gives un-paralleled flexibility to engineers, A/V designers at a fraction of the cost of typical alternatives. May it be a source mixer, a multi-way digital crossover or custom filter interface, it's up to your imagination to configure the way you see fit.


 MG 0875 1

 MG 0906


MiniDSP OEM boards

Engineered for manufacturers looking for some low power, low cost audio processing platforms yet with the flexibility required for each application, the miniDSP OEM boards offers many options. With its unique stacked architecture and "muti-configuration concept", the miniDSP kits gives you the freedom you've always been looking for. Mix & Match the I/O configuration, select the plug-in you need and build a custom/unique system fitting your needs!

 MG 5081

MiniSHARC OEM boards

The miniSHARC series is based on the floating point Analog Devices Sharc Processor. A low cost OEM module including a wide range of I/O card and enough horsepower to handle complex algorithms such as FIR, large IIR banks and Dirac Live Room correction algorithms. For more information on how to integrate the miniSHARC in your product, please get in touch with our team.

miniSHARC and Accesories  


USBAudio Interfaces

Keeping up with a need for high sample rate and multichannel USB Audio interface, miniDSP provides two solutions with the miniStreamer (Stereo 24/96kHz) and USBStreamer (multi-channel 24/192kHz). Two USB dongles interfacing SPDIF/Toslink along with I2S for direct integration with your products.

 MG 0566

For more info, please consult the miniDSP website.

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