AVB to USB Audio interface, multichannel audio for streaming directly to an AVB network using standard USB Audio protocol.
$199 USD

The AV2USB is a bridging interface allowing any computer to act as an Audio Video Bridging (AVB) endpoint. In other words giving the ability to stream multiple channels of uncompressed, low latency and tightly synchronized audio over Ethernet networks. By combining asynchronous USB audio to the latest Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standards, high end streaming of AV content is finally a reality.

From an operational standpoint on the OS side of the computer, the AV2USB is an 8 channel USB audio device with 24/96kHz support. Routing of the audio channels to the playback/recording software is very simple thanks to the ubiquity of USB audio class 2.0 device. While seen from the AVB Ethernet network side, the interface is now a so called “Talker/Listener” device. In other words, a streaming interface able to receive and transmit up to 8 audio channels, packetized as required in upto 8 streams. The configuration & routing to the AVB world is as simple as a Drag & Drop process thanks the AVBStreamer software or any IEEE 1722.1 protocol compliant software. From a multi-channel background music processor to a PC based recorder (court/meeting), the AV2USB rises to your audio streaming challenges by providing an affordable Plug & Play interface that does not compromise latency & audio quality



  • USB Audio to Ethernet AVB interface
  • Low cost, Low power, small form factor
  • OEM friendly

Box Content

  • 1 x AV2USB module in steel enclosure
  • Removable wall mount ears
  • 1 x CAT6 patch cable
  • 1 x USB2.0 Audio cable


For more information, please consult the product datasheet available in the link below. 



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