Complete AVB Kit including 1 x AVB-SW + 2 x AVB-DG. Optional PoE+ AVB switch and PoE dongles.
$300 USD
Module Count Number of AVB modules

PoE for AVB-DG

PoE+ for AVB-SW PoE+ option


The AVB-DGK is a complete Plug & Play solution for evaluating Audio Video Bridging protocols. Based on the combination of Marvell & XMOS IC series, it's the perfect solution to get a quick head-start into developing AVB based solutions. The optional PoE option for the switch and AVB end points provides a unique end to end PoE solution. Complete schematics and template XMOS code is provided for customization to fit your needs.

For more information on each component of the kit, please consult the below datasheet and quick start guide.

Included in the box

  • 1 x AVB-SW, AVB switch based on Marvel firefox series
  • 2 or 4 x AVB-DG end point
  • Ethernet cables
  • Programming header adaptor for XTAG debugger
  • Power supply: 5V for normal
  • Access to DSP4YOU's schematics/code/firmware on DSP4YOU's User Downloads (http://www.dsp4you.com/user-downloads)

What you will need to get audio started? 

  •  Being I2S in/out interface, these modules will require some I2S interface. DSP4YOU can help advise on some specific interface

  • These are OEM modules, you'll need to source enclosures as required


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