AV & IT convergence

Step into the I.T world

Welcome to the world of DSP4YOU, a company focusing on smart A/V Networked appliances. Whether you like it or not, A/V and I.T. convergence is happening all around you. It's however simpler than it sounds.

  • Powered by heavyweights: Put it bluntly, the A/V industry is a "cottage industry" compared to our I.T counterpart. With a much larger user base, the I.T. industry heavyweights such as Cisco/Intel/IBM/Apple/Broadcom bring valuable technology to the table. At DSP4YOU, our Linux platforms based on IEEE standards leverage proven I.T. technology combined with high quality audio interface. The best of both worlds engineered for your needs.
  • Supported by standards: Imagine a world where Wifi technology would be owned and coveted by a single company. Would you seriously believe our world would be as “connected”? The answer is probably not. Thanks to IEEE standards, information is publicly available to any manufacturer that wishes to build compatible products. At DSP4YOU, we strongly believe that this healthy competitive environment is beneficial to the customer but also the technology. By pushing Audio Video Bridging standards on Dana platforms, DSP4YOU strongly supports IEEE ratified standards.
  • Engineered for simplicity: Think about DHCP, DNS, SSL, Bonjour… all these protocols were engineered in an effort to simplify our life. Not the other way around. A familiar web browser user interface, a secure (SSL) communication over the web are some examples of our engineering team’s objective to simplifying your world.

 A new world of customization

In this new I.T. & A/V paradigm, it is paramount to think outside the box. As you look to differentiate yourself from the masses, you will need to find alternatives to remain competitive. At DSP4YOU, we not only engineer our products around I.T, we also bring the customization philosophy of the likes of Iphone/Google Android to the A/V market. Our motto is a simple one to remember:

A new paradigm Think I/O, think hardware. Think features, Think plug-ins.

 In the current state of electronic and software technology, while microprocessor speed keep increasing, Input/Output interfaces (e.g. mic/line input) is technology from the past. As our industry merges with I.T , it is time to think about hardware the same way you did about your PC/Mac platform. In other words, a hardware platform is only one element of the big picture.

 The growing needs for a wide range of features from end users is where we feel the real challenge lies. While flexible open architecture DSP are powerful solutions, they involve complex programming. With short lead times, tighter project margins, finding the right solution to optimize investment is essential.

 DSP4YOU introduces the concept of plug-in: “Pick & Choose and only pay for the features you need”. Similar to the concept of Iphone/Android Apps, you get to choose the features you want as part of your Digital Audio Network Appliance or miniDSP platform. Obvious advantages include:

  • Lower cost of ownership for the hardware, and indirectly lower custom duties
  • Flexible plug-ins brings new potential in the product’s life cycle