miniSharc now shipping


Pushing once again the limits, miniDSP introduces the miniSHARC kit, a powerful DSP module designed to fit the needs of floating point audio processing for OEM applications and custom products. Powered by Analog Devices Sharc ADSP21369 processor, the miniSHARC will easily handles resource intensive filtering. From room correction to linear phase crossover filter, the miniSHARC palm size form factor is the perfect fit for to complete your product with a ready made module. From multiway speaker processing to complex FIR & IIR filtering configuration, the miniSHARC is a no compromise module configured via USB from the OpenDRC 2x2 or miniSHARC 4x8 plug-ins. 

The miniSHARC is available for sale for 185USD only from our webstore. Please check out the product page for more info.

About miniDSP Ltd

miniDSP Ltd is a company focusing on flexible & innovative digital signal processor kits. We strive to provide Digital Signal Processing solutions that are simple to use, yet powerful. Stay tuned for upcoming product releases!

miniDSP 10x10 & 4x10 now shipping


Following the introduction of the VOL-FP and DIGI-FP as accessories to the 2x8 and 8x8 kits, miniDSP Ltd is now shipping some new platforms in a 1U rack mount format. Introducing the miniDSP 4x10 Hd and 10x10Hd: two new platforms following the footsteps of the miniDSP product legacy known for its easy of use, flexibility and excellent audio performance.

With its mixed audio formats (Analog/Digital), both platforms will easily connect to a wide range of audio devices using different connectivity. On the digital side,the platform carries the most common stereo digital audio formats (AES-EBU, SPDIF and Toslink). The signal is then fed to an high quality Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) for sample rate compatibility and dejittering. On the analog side, either unbalanced (RCA) or balanced (Phoenix Terminal) connectivity is available to either fit within a Home Hifi or Pro-AV setting. Finally the IR learning remote feature and/or rotary encoder provides control of your source, active preset or master volume without the need of any PC once the unit configured. From a multi-channel preamplifier to a multi-way crossover, both platforms will fit nicely in a rack or inside a living room thanks to the high quality aluminum finish.

Check out the product page and miniDSP webstore for more info.

DSP4YOU releases Dana series

DSP4YOU releases the Dana series, a product line based on a server-client solution leveraging the latest IEEE ratified Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standards.Introducing Dana, the Digital Audio Network Appliance product line from DSP4YOU. Following an intense research & development schedule, DSP4YOU is proud to release our AVB-powered Digital Signal Processing platforms to the Pro-A/V market. Based on server-client architecture and combining a customized Linux core with a floating point Sharc Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Dana presents a powerful product mix between its I.T. and A/V features.

Easy-to-Use interface: Adobe Flash based User Interfaces greatly simplifies setup and configuration of the unit. No more complex software package to learn. Welcome to the world of cross-compatible platforms. From Linux to Windows to Mac, a simple Flash enabled web browser is all you need to control, configure and monitor Dana server from the comfort of your office or via your Wifi-enabled tablet.

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